The true value of food is found in the values of those who raise,

farm & catch the food we eat.


Our House Farm, Brookeville, MD. 2 miles

Our House Youth Farm is organic certified, known especially for their large variety of heirloom tomatoes. They are a non-profit innovative school for at risk teenage boys- where the residents of the school participate in the daily raising and selling of crops from the farm.


Chesapeake Greenhouse, Suldersville, MD. 40 miles

Grower John Maniscalco grows an array of lettuces in a controlled greenhouse environment using the most recent technologies in soil health and hydroponic growing. This system allows John to produce lettuces year round, and helps him to use energy more efficiently and lower his water consumption.


Mary Parks, who is located right down the street in Olney, MD. 1 mile


Banner Bee, located in Laytonsville, MD. 10 miles

Banner Bee is a family owned beekeeping Company which produces award winning all-natural, and effective hive-based products. They own apiaries on various farms throughout the northern Montgomery, Frederick, and Howard counties of Maryland. They are committed to social responsibility, the environment, and a sustainable future- their products are 100% biodegradable, cruelty free, and do not contain harmful phlatates, parabens, petroleum products, synthetic fragrance oils, preservatives, FD&C colorants or dyes, or other toxic chemicals.


Roseda Beef, located in Baltimore, MD. 30 miles

Roseda Beef prides themselves on having pasture raised cattle which is free of growth hormones & antibiotics. All Roseda cattle graze on grass, and finnished on a mixture of chopped corn plants, corn kernels, alfalfa, soybean meal and hay. Roseda bulls are locally born & raised in DE, MD, PA, and VA.


Murray’s Chicken, located in Lancaster County, PA.

Murray’s chickens are locally raised in Pennsylvania by a select number of family farms. Their chickens are vegetable-fed, are antibiotic, growth drug, & hormone free, as well as being certified humane raised and handled.


Shenandoah Valley Lamb Company

Shenandoah Valley Lamb Company uses small farms in Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania pasture to raise their lamb on a grass diet without the use of growth hormones.

Apples, Pears, Peaches, Plums, Berries, Paw Paws
MacBride & Gill Falcon Ridge Farm,
Westminster, MD. 50 miles


Southern Skies Coffee, Carroll County, MD.

Locally roasted small batch artisanal coffee.


St. Brigid’s Farm, Kennedyville, MD

Their veal is 100% all Natural. fed whole milk and spring grass, are hormone-free, allowed freedom of movement, and are raised with TLC.


We are committed to supporting sustainable, eco friendly fishing. When in season, we source our seafood locally. We seek out fisheries supported by the Marine Stewardship Council ( and continue to search for similarly minded eco-conscious fisheries.

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