The true value of food is found in the values of those who raise,

farm & catch the food we eat.

Spotlight on Eberly Farms

Courtesy of Eberly Farms

Courtesy of Eberly Farms

When you order a Ricciuti’s salad, sandwich, entrée, or pizza that features chicken, you can be certain that you’re being served high quality, certified organic, free-range chicken from family-owned Eberly Farms in central Pennsylvania.  We chose Eberly Farms as part of our commitment to bring the best local, sustainably-farmed products available to our customers.

Eberly Farms opened in 1947 and is one of the first US companies to be certified organic by the United States Department of Agriculture’s inspection guidelines. It’s a family-owned business that is currently operated by the fourth generation of Eberlys. The enterprise consists of a group of sustainable Mennonite and Amish farms located in Pennsylvania Dutch country. The Eberly philosophy is “Poultry as Nature Intended.” The family adheres to this belief by raising their poultry in specialty barns that allow the birds to roam in a natural environment with fresh air, sunshine, and exercise. They also feed their poultry a certified non-GMO, all-vegetable diet of organic, North American grains containing zero animal by-products.

We’re proud to source our poultry from a provider who shares our commitment to healthy, local, organic, responsibly and sustainably-farmed foods.  Hats off to Eberly Farms!

Earth Day Everyday

Earth-Day-Dana-GrayApril 22 marked the 43rd anniversary of Earth Day.  The first official Earth Day was initiated in 1970 by Gaylord Nelson, a former U.S. Senator from Wisconsin.  After Nelson witnessed the aftermath of a 1969 oil spill off the coast of Santa Barbara, he began a movement that catapulted environmental awareness into the nation’s political agenda.  Read More

We’re Fired Up

Brick Oven Bliss

Our fresh, local ingredients definitely make our pizzas, strombolis, and calzones pop. But our wood-fired brick oven ignites a flavor explosion. Read More

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Spring Greening


The advent of spring sparks renewal in all of us, turning our thoughts to green garden fields and greener living at home.  Prepare for a healthy and prosperous spring responsibly, with these helpful hints: Read More

Flavor from field to cup

Image Courtesy of Mighty Leaf Tea

Ricciuti’s tea drinkers take their brew pretty seriously. Whether they crave cups of Earl Grey in the thick of winter, or tall glasses of green tea on warmer days, Mighty Leaf Teas are steeped in savory, sustainable flavors. Read More

Growing Soul, Strengthening Community

Image courtesy of growingSOUL

Our support of local food production doesn’t end with your meal. In fact, it begins all over again. At Ricciuti’s, we compost all of our food scraps and coffee grounds through the community-based program called growingSOUL. Read More

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True Balance at Blueberry Gardens

Photo courtesy of Blueberry Gardens

There’s indeed “a season and a time to every purpose”—just ask Robert True.  The farmer and co-founder of Blueberry Gardens spends his life living with, and listening to, the land. Read More

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Artisanal to the Last Drop

Courtesy of Southern Skies Coffee Roasters

The perfect accompaniment to a memorable meal is a great cup of coffee. Whether you enjoy your Joe with one of our seasonal entrees, or savor it with one of our desserts, you’ll feel good about sipping Southern Skies Coffee Roasters’ coffee. Read More

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Holiday “Spirits” at Ricciuti’s

Featuring Olney House’s Happy Haunts.

Christmastime is a particularly spirited time of year at Ricciuti’s, in more ways than meets the eye.  During this season of tradition and superstition, we revel in keeping our guests, and Nancy, one of our resident ghosts, merry and bright. Read More

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Sustainability through a Straw

Maine Root Handcrafted Beverages
Sip Sustainably!

We take our commitment to sustainable sipping to heart–so much so that we replaced the Coca-Cola Company as our soft drink distributor, in favor of Maine Root Handcrafted Beverages.

For the last six years, Maine Root’s organically-sweetened sodas have been sipping away at Coca-Cola’s market share nationwide.  Maine Root’s beverages are Fair Trade Certified, which ensures that farmers earn fair incomes for their crops worldwide.  Sourced from Fair Trade organic sugar, natural botanicals, and spices, the sodas keep high amounts of herbicides and pesticides commonly sprayed on sugar cane crops out of the ecosystem.

At Ricciuti’s, we take great pride in sourcing our food and spirits from local growers and small-batch producers.  Natural ingredients are a win-win, from beverages to burgers.  They’re better for the farmers, for the environment, and for us.

Our growing list of progressive producers includes: Eberly Poultry (PA), Roseda Farms Beef (MD), Banner Bee Honey (MD), The Farm at Our House (MD); and small-batch suppliers such as Catoctin Creek (VA) and Black Ankle Vineyards (MD).  For a complete list of local farms, check out our website.

Maine Root’s organic sodas are naturally delicious.  Stop in for a sip today!


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